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A general description of 1&1 eShops.

You don't have to install anything because the shop software will automatically be
set up for you. Depending on the particular package, each shop has a certain amount
of disc space. Although a small part of this will already have been used for the
shop software, most of it is available for your data. Items and Product Categories,
pictures, search index, cache, customer data and customer search index.
There will be regular backups of your shop.
(It is always a good idea to keep copies outside the shop - especially product

Your data is stored in two separate areas, the shop preview (working copy)
and the on-line shop. Any changes you make will first apply only to shop
preview, where you can check to see what the eShop looks like before publishing it.
A copy of the shop preview, including all product graphics, will not be generated
in the on-line shop until you publish the shop. Once published the shop can be
accessed from anywhere in the world. So anytime you make changes to your shop you
will have to publish it.

The HTML pages for your eShop are created when the web server is called for the
first time, and are then cached in the webspace. From this time on, every time the
shop is called it will immediately be transmitted to the visitor without
recalculation. This means the shop will be fast, even if lots of customers are
accessing the website at the same time. To save disc space and reduce loading times
for your customers it is important to optimise product graphics (maximum 25 KB per

Publication also generates a new search index of the item inventory.

eShop Management
The eShop Administration and 1&1 Control Panel are SSL encrypted. So
confidential data like order book and customer information can be transferred

Your eShop can be set up step-by-step. There are several set up wizards presented
as pop-up windows, for basic settings, payment methods, shipping methods etc.
You can decide how the shipping costs should be calculated for each shipping method
by setting a minimum shipping charge of your choice, and set different rates based
on the total order amount.
When the eShop Administration is launched you will see brief statistics.

Only the functions and features included in the specific eShop package are shown
in the eShop Administration. If you cannot locate a feature or function described
in the FAQ's, it could be that it is not included in your package. You can always
upgrade your package to get additional features.

Inventory Management
You can maintain your products under Categories and Item.
Product categories can be set up hierarchically and fill them up with items.
Existing item data can be imported from a CSV file too.

Order Book
You will receive orders by e-mail, although payment details (bank details, credit
card information) are not included for security reasons. This information can be
found under "Orders" in eShop Administration.

Customer Management
You can set up customer details, search the customer database you created for a
customer number or other attributes. Customer groups can be set up to receive group
discounts or newsletter. Import and Export functions allow you to manage customer
data offline.

Shop Design
You can select from 30+ templates. Just choose a template of your choice, upload
the items and basic settings and your eShop is good to go. You can change the
template fonts, background colors, foreground colors etc. You can also integrate
your shop with an existing website.

Developer eShop packages allow you to create your own design templates using
shop script similar to PHP.

If you have any questions or problems that are not covered by the on-line
documentation, you can contact our free e-mail or phone support at any time.
The e-mail address for support is support@1and1.co.uk