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How to change the buttons in the navigation menu

The Navigation buttons are all images. You can change these images if needed.

Step 1
First find out the name of the current button image by accessing your website.
Right click the image and select properties. For example the link will looks as follows:

Here about_us_90x35.gif is the name of the image for the button named About us.

Step 2
Now go to 'Shop Design' -> 'Manage template images' and rename about_us_90x35 to
something else. This is just to make sure you have a backup of the image if you
want to use it later.

Step 3
Now upload your image by following the FAQ: Managing images of the eShop?
Step 4
Rename the file to about_us_90x35.gif

Step 5
Now the image will be replaced.

Please note:
Developer eShop has FTP access. To change the buttons, simply upload them using FTP. Please keep the button names (check upper and lower cases!). Load your new images in the ~/bs_shopdata/img/ directory.

The changes will appear online when the shop is re-published.