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Editing template files.

Edit Template filesThe template files that are responsible for displaying the detailed view of an
item, the overview of the items in a product category, and the overviews of the
product categories are listed here. Click the file to edit the script.

Edit all filesHere you will see all of the files that control the shop design. The number of
files and their names depend on the actual template.

You can give the files new HTML texts which you create in an external programme (e.g.
Net Objects Fusion, Dream Weaver). Please note, that you would be overwriting any
PHP or Shopscript sections in the original texts, in which case some of the
functions may stop working or may no longer work as intended.
There is lots of scope for experimentation. You can always reload the original
template. But still, do be careful. As long as you only carry out your experiments
backstage, they will not affect the actual online shop (not publishing the content).

Edit cart templates, Edit payment module templates and Edit service page templatesThese three sections contain the HTML scripts and calculation bases for every
procedure in the shopping basket and the order process. Do not change anything
unless you are absolutely sure of what, why and what for. In theory you can
completely redesign the design of the shopping basket here and expand or restrict
the calculations. But that is not recommended. Most changes can also be made
through rules.

The processes in the shopping basket can be divided into three sections.

Step 1
Edit cart templates (Creation of the actual shopping basket): It contains only those items that the customer has put in there.
Step 2
Edit payment module templates: The customer selects the delivery and payment
methods (if offered) and the calculations are carried out to obtain the final
amount to be paid.
Step 3
Edit service page templates: Contains the display of the form for entering the
customer details and the summary of all details.

You should have at least some knowledge of HTML and possibly PHP. So please be
cautious while editing the scripts.