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What does "Payment" in the settings tab do?

You can set up various payment methods for your eShop here. Based on your package
type the payment methods are available. (Offline | Online | Additional Payment methods)

Invoice | Cash on Delivery | Direct Debit | Payment in Advance | Credit Card (manual)

Here select the payment type and click "+add". The instructions for each of the
payment method will be displayed.


Choose "Protx credit card clearing" and click +"add"

Enter the Vendor ID that has been sent to you by Protx.

Enter in any Text that you want to be displayed

Enter in any special rules that you want applied to this payment method.

WorldPay Payment Option
You can set this payment method if you have a membership with Worldpay. Please
enter your Worldpay ID and password. Choose other options and click "Next".

Select the Credit cards and click "Next".

You will be prompted for a few other settings. Click "Finish" finally.

Paypal Payment Option
Choose "Paypal Payment" and click "+add".

Enter the name for the payment method and your Paypal account's e-mail address.
Click "Next".

Enter the text that you want to be displayed on your website's payment page.
Click "Next".

Enter any complex rules and click "Finish"

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