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What does "Basic Settings" do?

Under "Basic Settings" you fill in the Contact information of your eShop.
The parameters are First name, Last name, Address, Telephone and Fax number and
e-mail address.

Please note:
Please note that your VAT Number has to be entered with a capital GB at the beginning, this number is checked and if it is not Valid it will be rejected.

You can also set up the customer and invoice number generator here. It has a
Prefix, number and a suffix.
For e.g. Invoice number's can be setup as follows:
Prefix: myshop
Number: 100
Suffix: /00

The invoice number will then be automatically generated as myshop100/00,
myshop101/00, myshop102/00 and so on.

You will also have the option to publish your products to the Google Froogle system for shops.

You must click "Finish" to save the settings. Keep clicking "Next" to get to "Finish".