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How to turn off test mode

When you first setup the protx payment module you will have set the "Test mode" option to "yes".
After you have run several test orders and refunds you will want to change this setting so that
you can take live orders. Follow this process to make the changes.

Step 1
Log into the eShop Administration Panel and click on "Payment Methods"

Step 2
Select the "Online Payment modules" and click "Next".

Step 3
Click the "edit" button next to the Protx option

Step 4
This will open up the settings for the Protx Payment module.

Change the "Run Protx in test mode" setting from "yes" to "no"

Step 5
Click on the "next" button.

Step 6
Click on "finish"

Step 7
Click on the "finish" button to complete the changes.
Please note:
You will need to publish the shop before these changes become active to users on the web.