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How to Setup your eShop to use the Protx Credit Card Clearing System

Before you can setup the 1&1 eShop to use Protx as a payment method you will need to apply
for an account with them. 1&1 and Protx have worked together to make the process as easy
and as fast as possible, in order to make use of the Protx Payment system you will need to order a
"VSP Server" account, for more information on this please "How to sign up with Protx for 1&1 eShops".

Step 1
Open your eShop administration panel, to start the configuration click on the "Payment Methods"

Step 2
Choose the "Online Payment module" then click the "Next" button.

Step 3
Choose "Protx credit card clearing" from the drop down list then click +"add"

Step 4
Enter the Vendor ID that has been sent to you by Protx.

Name of Payment Method This is the heading that will show up in the Payment options
for customers
Payments are automatically released You need to release the payments manually
Test Mode Yes No
This will run the Protx Payment module in a test system,
transactions will go to a test server at Protx and no charge
will be made to the Credit Card
This will allow transactions through to the live system at
Protx, any transaction will be charged to the Credit Card
Customer Number required? Yes No
Before a customer may order or use this payment method they
must first be registered and have a valid customer number
Any one can use this payment method to order
Please note:
If you are setting up Protx as a payment method for the first time you will need
to make sure that "test mode" is set to "YES". Once fully setup you will be required to run a few test
orders and refunds before the account will be activated fully by Protx.
Step 5
Enter in any Text that you want to be displayed

Step 6
Enter in any special rules that you want applied to this payment method.

Click the "Finish" button to complete the setup of the Protx Payment module.

Please note:
You will need to publish your shop before any changes become visible to the
customers on the the web, you will however be able to see these changes in the "Shop Preview".