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How do I export orders data?

You can process incoming shop orders using an external programme by first exporting
your "orders data" from your eShop in CSV format. Two files are produced: ordered
items and corresponding customer details. They are linked by a unique ID
(internal_OrderID) allocated automatically by the eShop.

The actual export cannot take place automatically. It has to be initiated manually.

"CSV export settings" is where you decide which of the details of the ordered items are to be exported. Usually they are the item number and name, the quantity and the
price. Of course, you can extend this list to include any item attributes,
including your own variants and attributes. (see Item administration).
Do not remove the field "internal_OrderID" if you want to retain a link between the
item details and the customer's details. You can reconstruct the order process in
our merchandise information programme using this field. Decide in the same way which
of the customer details are to be exported. The only defaults are the customer
number and the customer's standard address details.

List of fields you can export:

Order Variables internal_OrderID, category, item_number, title, price, vat,
url, count, hint.

Invoice address: company, first_name, surname, street, street2, postcode,
city, country, telephone_no, fax_no, email

Shipping address: shipping_company, shipping_first_name, shipping_surname,
shipping_street, shipping_postcode, shipping_city, shipping_country,
shipping_telephone_no, shipping_fax_no, shipping_email

Other fields: delivery_method, payment_method, customer_number, total_sum,
total_vat, shipping_fee, status_payment, invoice_number, order_date,
order_time_of_day, tax_area

Additional payment information: payment_credit_card_number,
payment_valid_through, payment_card_holder, payment_valid_from, payment_issue_no

Click "start export". The CSV export could take about 15 minutes depending on the
number of orders.

You can click CSV export settings to specify the fields to be imported.
This first CSV file settings are for order info. Click Next.

The second CSV file settings are for Customer data. Click Next.

You can specify the format settings here. Click Finish.

Two links to the required files are displayed. Right click the file and
select "Save target as" to save the file on your system.