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Newsletter Administration

You can send out Newsletters to your customers easily. The e-mail is sent to the e-mail address saved under customer invoice address.

Step 1
Open eShop Administration. Click "Customers" then "Newsletter administration".

Step 2
Here you can enter the main content of the e-mail. Click Next.

If everything looks OK, click "mail" and the newsletter will be sent out.

You can use the variables listed below in your newsletter. They will automatically be substituted with the customers information, thereby personalizing the newsletters.
Variable variable name
Customer number customer_number
Groups groups
Title title
First name first_name
Last name surname
Company company
Address 1 street
Address 2
City city
Zip postcode
Country country
Telephone telephone_no
Fax fax_no
E-mail email
Save template: You can also save this newsletter format as a template for future use by entering a name for this newsletter and clicking "Save".

Load template: You can select an existing templates to send out the newsletter.

Delete template: You can choose to remove your a template.

You can personalize your signature too. Click "Edit signature".
Enter the necessary information. It is important that you include an "Unsubscribe" link in your newsletters. Click "Save".