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How do I add a new customer?

Step 1
Open eShop Administration. Click "Customers". Click "Add a new customer"

Step 2
The customer number is automatically generated. You can specify the customer
number generation format under "Settings -> Basic Settings". The password is also
automatically generated. You can change it if necessary. Click Next after entering
the necessary information.

Step 3
Enter the information and click Next.

Step 4
You can optionally choose to use the billing address as shipping address. Click Next.

Step 5
You add in the Customers Tax status here, when entering the VAT number please
ensure you add "GB"before the number.

You can also enter additional properties for the customer by clicking "add". You can
add a property named "discount" which will then ignore group discounts for this

Step 6
If you have groups, you can assign this customer to a group. Depending on the
group properties, this customer will receive group discounts, newsletters etc.
Choose the group and click "add".

Step 7
Click Finish.

Step 8
The new customer will then be displayed.