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What does the "Category" setting do?

With "Category" setting you can organise your items better. You can group items
under one category. For e.g. you can create categories like apparel, accessories,
shoes, cosmetics etc.

  • Business eShop: 10 categories and no sub categories
  • Professional eShop: 60 categories and 5 sub categories.
  • Developer eShop: Unlimited categories and sub categories.

If you have allocated a descriptive text or a product category image or both to a
product category, and despite this neither is displayed in the preview or in the
online shop, then it could be that the selected design template does not support
displaying these properties.

If "Error 500" appears in the shop preview or in the online shop, then the reading
of your product category/product subcategory has exceeded the server's processing
time. Delete a few product categories or restructure them.