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Settings for displaying the shopping cart.

Display shopping cart: You can choose to display the shopping cart every
time an item is added to the order or not.

Display back button in shopping cart: You can choose to display the Back
button in the Shopping Cart page.

URL for 'back' in the shopping cart: You can decide as to where the Back
button goes to.

Do the customers have to accept your Terms and Conditions before ordering?: If the T&C have to be accepted, a check box will be displayed that has to be
checked to continue the order.

URL to your T&C: You can have a completely different page containing the
T&C of your eShop. Just enter the URL of it here.

Start URL of the shop: This URL is displayed after an order is completed.

Link items in the shopping cart to their detailed pages: You can have links
to detail item description in the shopping cart page.

Display link to item recommendation in the shop frameset: When using item
recommendation a link is sent to take the user to the item's detailed page. You can
choose to display this in a shop frame or not.