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Other shop settings.

Should the first order page be omitted: The first page of the order process
is used for choosing the shipping and payment method. It can be skipped if the shop
only offers one shipping and one payment method.

Swap the first and second pages of the order process: You can choose to
display the 2nd order page with address entry before the 1st order page with the
selection of the shipping and payment methods. e.g. if you want to calculate the
shipping costs based on the customer's country of origin. NOTE: If you enter Yes
here, the setting 'Is a customer number required?' is not observed for the payment
method, and the 'Country' field becomes compulsory when entering the address.

Display overview page: You can choose to display a summary of the customer's
entires before the order is submitted.

Own definitions of variables (valid PHP source code!) for all order and product
This section can be used for conversion rates etc using PHP.

Disallow certain session IDs: Search engines like Google may reference your
pages including the session ID. User visiting your shop via these links should
automatically get a new session ID. Just insert a comma-separated list of session