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Customer settings.

Use the shop's autologin feature: Whenever a customer logs onto the shop the
details are stored in a cookie. This means the customer will be automatically
logged on again when visiting the shop for the next time.

Automatically calculate customer discounts for logged in customers: NOTE: If
you select to calculate customer discounts the item pages cannot be cached.

Customer registration without ordering: You can decide if customers can
register via the shop pages without ordering anything.

Instant automatic login after registration: You can set to automatically
login a customer after registration. If no, then the customer is presented only a
confirmation page. In this case the customer has to log in manually with the
account data sent to him by e-mail. By this you can be sure that the customer has
given a working e-mail address.

Own calculations (valid PHP source code!) whenever a new customer registers: Here you can write PHP rules which can automatically assign the new customer to a
group, or give discounts.

Display login for registered customers: If you select Yes here, registered
customers can log in during the order process on the address entry page in the shop
so they do not have to enter their address again.

Customer registration after ordering: You can decide if a customer can
register on the Order status page that appears as a link with the order