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Migration of 1&1 DynamicSiteCreator to 1&1 WebsiteBuilder

For 1&1 DynamicSiteCreator projects.

This article explains how to migrate a site built on the 1&1 DynamicSiteCreator to a new project using the 1&1 WebsiteBuilder.

The 1&1 DynamicSiteCreator does not meet the latest technical requirements: it uses outdated technology called Flash which may cause security vulnerabilities on your website. In addition, the media reports the end of Flash is near and that some browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, could permanently block Flash.

Therefore it is possible that some parts of your website will not display correctly. The 1&1 DynamicSiteCreator will be deactivated at the end of this year. After deactivation, your site will always be accessible, however it will lose its editing functionality.

Instead, the 1&1 WebsiteBuilder will be made available to you free of charge. With this new website building tool, you will have the means to recreate your website.

Below you can find detailed instructions on how to migrate your site orignailly built with the 1&1 DynamicSiteCreator over to the 1&1 WebsiteBuilder.

Please note:
You must create a 1&1 WebsiteBuilder project before proceeding with migration.
Recreating your 1&1 DynamicSiteCreator website using the 1&1 WebsiteBuilder

Some elements can be copied directly from your 1&1 DynamicSiteCreator website to your 1&1 WebsiteBuilder project, however others may not be as simple. Please refer to 1&1 WebsiteBuilder section of the 1&1 Help Center for assistance in recreating your website.

Getting your 1&1 WebsiteBuilder website Online
Step 1
First, dissociate the domain of your 1&1 DynamicSiteCreator site.
Step 2
Then you will associate the domain with your 1&1 WebsiteBuilder site.
Step 3
By default your 1&1 WebsiteBuilder site will be offline until you're ready to publish it.

After you have completed the steps mentioned above, your site will be online!