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What is Source Code?

Source code is human-readable code saved to a file (or files) that contains instructions for a tool or application. This source code may be written in any number of computer programming languages such as C++. Source code eventually needs to be compiled before it is of any use to a computer. During the compile process, this human-readable code is translated into machine code which contains instructions that a computer system is able to understand and execute. This machine code is called a binary (or executable) file.

It may be possible for source code to be compiled on Linux shared hosting for customers that have packages supporting SSH access. Installation from source code will not apply to the entire hosting server as access is restricted to retain integrity of our services. Installation via source code will need to be contained within your own web space. Because of this, it is likely that to successfully complete an install via source code, some environment variables will need to be altered for the installation.

Installation via source code is not covered by 1&1's support and no listening service is permitted to be installed. Only a few select ports are open to 1&1 servers from the outside to provide proper functionality of our offered services. Listening services manually installed will not be able to receive traffic even if successfully installed.