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Settings and Expenses options

Settings and Expenses Options?

This section of the 1&1 Search Marketing Toll will provide you with about how much you have spent during your billing cycle, details of your listings e.g. Online, Offline, Declined, Pending and Deleted.

Also you can change the Budget options. This can be done by clicking on the "Edit" button.

Edit Settings

Account StatusIf you have your account "active" then any changes you make to listings will be reflected online.

However if you choose to "Deactivate" your account then you will be able to make changes to your listing s then bring it back online at a time of your choice, this can be useful if you are organising a large campaign.
Any New listings that you create will be submitted to the Editorial Team for approval, but they will not be displayed on the search engines until the account is reactivated.

E-mail AddressThis will be the same as your e-mail address in the control panel, if this is updated in the control panel then it will change here.

Monthly BudgetThe monthly budget is the maximum that you can spend in a month, this as default is set to it's lowest setting of £300, however this can be changed. To request a change in the month budget click on the "Change monthly budget" link. A new window will open where you can make your changes.

You have the choice of :

  • £300
  • £750
  • £1500
  • £3000

If you want a change to the Monthly budget then this has to be authorized by 1&1, the decision will take between 3 - 4 working weeks.

Once you have selected your new monthly budget click the "OK" button.

Daily BudgetThis is the maximum amount that you want to spend each day on listings, there is a Minimum of £1.00 per day, and a Maximum £50.

Excluded WordsThese are words that will be used as default excluded words on any of your listings, this will save you having to add them each time when you create new listings.