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How do I Create a New Listing?

Step 1
You will need to start the 1&1 Search Marketing Tool this can be done in the Control Panel, for more information please see "How to Start the 1&1 Search Marketing Tool".

Step 2
Click on the "Listing Management" button.

Step 3
Click on the "New Listing" button.

Step 4
Now you will need to enter your Listing Title, Description, the URL and the Keyword.

Click "Next" to continue

Step 5
Now you will need to choose what type of matching system you want to use for your key words.

Exact This will only come up if the Searcher types in your exact Key Word.
Advanced This will come up if your Key Word in included in a search query
Excluded Words: There are words that if used in conjunction with your key word will mean that you will not be shown in the search results.

Step 6
This is where you can choose how much you want to pay per click, the minimum bid of £0.10 +VAT, the Maximum that you can bid is £25.00 + VAT.

Please note:
A useful facility that we have included is the ability to check what other people are paying to use this key word, to use this click on the "View highest bid"
Click "Next" to continue.

Step 7
The Final step of the setup is a summary, where you can check that all the information that you have supplied is correct. If you happy then click on "Submit".

What happens after I click the "Submit" button?

The listing is submitted to the Editorial Team for approval, this will normally take around 24 hours, if it is accepted then the listing will go online, if it is declined or rejected you will need to edit it or create a new one.

For more information on why a listing could be declined click here.