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How do I activate the 1&1 Search Marketing Tool?

Step 1
Log into the 1&1 Control Panel (https://admin.1and1.co.uk and select the package that you want to administer, if you have more than 1 package you may need to scroll down the list.

Step 2
From the "Marketing Tools" section of the Control Panel click on the "1&1 Search Marketing" button.

Step 3
Click the "Next" button.

Step 4
You will need to accept the Terms & Conditions, part of this is that you have to be commercial organisation to use this service.

Step 5
Now you will need to select the sector that your business relates to. Do not worry if you can not find an exact match this will not affect any listings.

Step 6
You now have the choice to either go back to the 1&1 Control Panel by clicking "Go to Overview" or to proceed into the 1&1 Search Marketing Tool by clicking "Start".