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Understanding Sponsored Searches

Sponsored Search

Standard & Advanced

  • Standard Match:
    matches the user's query to the client's keywords (includes singular and plural variations, and common misspellings) e.g. rote Autos = rote Auto

  • Advanced(optional):
    Allows clients to have more relevant search terms.
    Client's accounts will be automatically opted into Advanced Match
    The total search term has to be present in the search query.
Search Query Match Type Search Term
Buy Diamond Ring Standard Diamond Ring
New Diamond Ring Advanced Diamond Ring
Buy a Diamond Wedding ring Advanced Diamond Ring
Cheap Diamond Rings Advanced Diamond Ring
Gold Ring No Match! Diamond Ring

Advanced Match - Excluded WordsAdvanced Match will allow advertisers to receive more traffic, but how do we ensure that this additional traffic is targeted?


With Excluded Words if you are offering Cruise Holidays then you could have:

Bidded Term: Cruise
Excluded Term: Tom

For more information on Excluded Words please see : Excluded Words