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How to Find More Keywords

Many of the search terms in Yahoo! Search Marketing's network remain untapped

There are 250 million searches carried out in the UK each week. According to estimates, approximately 50 percent of all searches are commercially driven, meaning the user is seeking a specific product or service. Millions of these customers are searching on the Yahoo! Search Marketing network, but they don't always find the products and services they're looking for. This is because customers enter many variations on keywords that advertisers aren't bidding on yet. The following tips should help you find more keywords and in turn increase the number of potential customers to your site.

Bid on as many search terms as are relevant to your site. We've found that advertisers who bid on a range of relevant terms (especially 20 or more) experience the greatest success in reaching potential customers on Yahoo! Search Marketing.

Buying CycleA Web site attracts many potential customers who are at different stages of the buying process. This paradigm, known as the "Buying Cycle," explains why different customers who ultimately purchase the same item will search for it in a variety of ways.
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