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1&1 eShop Downloads and Basic Settings Overview

What are downloadable items?Downloadable items is an option in your 1&1 eShop that allows you to sell a digital file on your website. Examples of downloadable items that you might want to sell in your shop are PDF files, MP3s, videos, or software.

Basic Settings: Getting StartedActivate the OptionTo activate this option please visit your eShop Control Panel at https://shopadmin.1and1.co.uk.
Under Basic Settings, click on Downloadable Items to activate the feature in your shop.

Please note: Downloadable items are available in Business, Business Pro and Professional eShops only. If you have a Home eShop, you can upgrade your eShop through your 1&1 Control Panel to have access to this feature.

Review the enabled payment methodsActivating downloadable items automatically updates some your payment methods to work with downloadable items.

To make changes to the default settings, click on Payment and Shipping and then on Payment Methods.

Click on the name of the payment method in the overview table and under Basic Settings, you can choose if you would like that method to be enabled for downloadable items or not.

Update E-mail TemplatesTo reach your shop's e-mail templates, please click on Basic Settings and then on E-mail Template.

As with your normal merchandise orders, your customer will receive e-mail during the order process.

First your customer will receive the template "Order Information” confirming the order.

Place the variable $DLITEM_GENERAL_INFO$ wherever you wish in the text. It will show the link to information about downloadable item and it will only be shown when the customer's order includes a downloadable item.

Once you have accepted the order, the template "Order Dispatched” will be sent to the customer telling them that the order has been approved. You can place the variable $DLITEM_GENERAL_INFO$ wherever you wish in the text.

The customer will then receive an e-mail "Download Enabled” that will inform them, that their order is ready for download. The variable $DLITEM_ACTIVATED$ includes a list of all downloads the customer has purchased and the download link.

If you change the permissions to download the item, you can inform your customer with another e-mail "Download authorisations changed”. This includes the following variables:

Name of the item: $DLITEM_NAME$

Downloads will be allowed until 11:59pm of the stated day.

What is important to know?

  • Because downloadable items do not require shipping, they will be automatically placed in a non-shipping group. If a customer orders downloadable items at the same time as regular merchandise, they will only be charged shipping on the regular merchandise.
  • Your shop will get an extra page where you can provide your customer information about how to download an item. You can change this page however you see fit in your Shop Designer. There you can tell your customers how they will be able to download their shops. The page is linked at the bottom of each page, as well as, next to items which can be downloaded.
  • The details of an order inlcude more information about downloadable items. You can determine which permission will be set for downloading for each item.
  • You can also bundle a downloadable item with other items. However each individual item can only be downloaded once. If you make a bundle of items where all of the items are downloadable, then during the order process the bundle will be handled the same as a single downloadable item.
  • There are 2 templates for emails that are only used when the customer buys a downloadable item. One which informs the customer where to download it and one which informs customers that their download rights have changed.
  • Unfortunately there are no variants of downloadable items allowed.