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Cancel Norton AntiVirus

Follow the steps below to cancel Norton AntiVirus from your account.

Step 1
Log in to your 1&1 Contract Page. 1&1 Contract Page
1&1 Contract Page

Step 2
Click on Cancellation from the navigation bar. Contract start page
Contract start page
Step 3
Select the package that contains the feature to cancel from the list of packages.List of of packages available for cancellation
List of of packages available for cancellation
Step 4
Select to cancel Individual domains and/or additional items and then click on Next to proceed. Your cancellation options
Your cancellation options
Step 5
Find Norton AntiVirus in the list of domains and features and then tick the box to select it for cancellation.
From the Cancel (on) dropdown box, select a date to cancel the feature from the package.
When finished, click on Next. Details about your contract
Details about your contract
Step 6
A confirmation page is displayed for an overview of the items selected for cancellation. Verify your cancellation options and click on Confirm to proceed. Summary of your cancellation
Summary of your cancellation
Step 7
For some cancellations, additional verification may be needed before the cancellation request is acknowledged. The next page will provide you with cancellation details and whether any additional verification is needed (usually clicking a link provided to you via E-mail). Refer to any additional instructions that are presented to you on this page. Confirmation of termination
Confirmation of termination
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