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Cancel a SSL Certificate

In this article you will learn how to cancel an SSL Certificate from your 1&1 account.

Follow the steps below to process the cancellation using the 1&1 Contract Page .

Step 1
Log in to your 1&1 Contract Page. 1&1 Contract Page
1&1 Contract Page

Step 2
A welcome page is shown after logging in. Click Cancellation at the top of the page.
Your contract start page
Your contract start page
Step 3
Select the package that contains the SSL Certificate to cancel from the list of packages.
Cancellation menu
Cancellation menu
Step 4
Select to cancel Individual domains/additional items and then click Next to proceed. Cancellation options page
Cancellation options page
Step 5
Find the SSL in the list of domains and features and tick its box to select it for cancellation.
From the drop-down, select a date to cancel the SSL certificate from the package.
When finished, click Next. Contract details page
Contract details page
Step 6
A confirmation page is displayed for an overview of the items selected for cancellation. Verify your cancellation options and if all is correct, click Confirm to submit the cancellation request.

For some cancellations, additional verification may be needed before the cancellation request is acknowledged. After clicking Finish, the next page may provide you with cancellation details and additional verification, if needed. If additional instructions are presented to you on this page, please follow them accordingly. Confirmation message
Confirmation message
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