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Request Package Transfer from One Account to Another

Transferring an entire contract or package from one account to another is the best way to transfer all contents of a package, including all websites, domains, and E-mail addresses. It allows you to do this without incurring any transfer charges or having to reconfigure your website or change the configuration after the move. Typically, transferring a package to another account is performed when there is another individual or company already with a 1&1 account, who will take over management of the package containing the website or domain within it.

If you wish to transfer a package from one account to another, you will need to fill out the Transfer of Contract Form which can be downloaded from the administrative forms page in the 1&1 Help Centre and faxed the number on the form.

Processing time varies, depending on package and number of queued requests. On average, it takes at least 2 business days to process. Please be sure to provide all the required information so as not to delay the processing.

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